Patriot Mentors provide guidance to students

Chanelle Hanberry, Staff Writer

Stationed across Francis Marion University’s (FMU) campus, Patriot Mentors set up “Ask Me” tents for students to ask questions about FMU on Aug. 23 and Aug. 24.  

There were three tents on campus: one near the fountain in front of Founders Hall and the remaining two located on either side of McNair Science Building (MSB).  

There were one to four Patriot Mentors at each table waiting for students to ask them about FMU. The purpose of the tents was to answer any questions students may have during the first week of classes. Students could also stop by to ask for any advice or receive friendly greetings from the Patriot Mentors.  

Reina McCullough, a senior biology major and second-year Patriot Mentor, said that most of the questions are from freshmen or international students asking about where their classes are or how to distinguish between buildings.  

Patriot Mentors are students who act as knowledgeable guides to fellow students. They try to help and mentor first-year students with their transition to the FMU community by creating personal connections and providing resources to help them become successful. 

“I became a Patriot Mentor because I am willing to help the freshmen navigate their first year of their college experience in life,” Leah Snipe, a junior nursing major and first-year Patriot Mentor, said.  

Not only do Patriot Mentors work at the Ask Me tents, but they also work at the “Walk Your Schedule” tents and are available as guides for first-year students in their University Life classes.   

At the Walk Your Schedule tents, Patriot Mentors walked first-year students through their fall schedule. They walked them to their classes so they would not get lost on the first day.   

In University Life classes, Patriot Mentors listen to the students and promote campus community involvement to help them transition from high school or transfer from another college to FMU’s campus life.   

“I have learned that students honestly just need a person that will motivate them when they feel like they’re at their wit’s end, but they also need support to know that what they are working towards is worth everything they are putting in,” Xandria Young, a sophomore business major and second year Patriot Mentor, said. “Being a Patriot Mentor gives you the opportunity to interact with students on a personal level and help them progress and grow as they continue throughout college.”  

For more information regarding Patriot Mentors or tutoring or advising, students can visit the Center for Academic Success and Advisement (CASA) website at or contact them directly via their phone number (843)661-1400 or at their office room 220 in Founders Hall.