Title IX hosts talk on consent

FMU’s Title IX Council will host a conversation on sexual consent moderated by Lynn Roberts from The Counseling Center of Florence on Sept. 22 at 3:45 p.m. in Chapman Auditorium.

Dr. Rebecca Flannagan is the chair of the Title IX Council, and she said that this conversation is an event intended to help discussion about sexual safety on campus.

“One of the most important aspects of healthy relationships involves the communication between the members of a couple,” Flannagan said. “FMU’s Title IX Council believes that good communication becomes even more important when a relationship moves into the sexual realm.”

One of the over arching goals of the Title IX Council is to provide students with the information they need to know about to keep campus a safe space from sexual harassment and violence. Flannagan said one of the most important aspects of cultivating safety is ensuring that the community understands what consent is.

“This conversation with [Roberts] is designed to highlight the importance of consent in sexual relationships,” Flannagan said. “This is a critical area of understanding across all universities since the implementation of Title IX policies and procedures.”

For more information on FMU’s Title IX policies, visit safe.fmarion.edu.