BCM counts down to 24-hour day of prayer

Jasmin Mitchell, Staff Writer

The countdown has begun for students involved in Baptist Collegiate Ministry’s (BCM) Engage 24.

This event is designed to share the Gospel with students so that they may share it among others as well as learn more about it themselves. The countdown began on Sept. 19 and will go until the official day of Engage 24 on Oct. 11.

This event happens nationwide at many universities, each having the same goal: spreading the Gospel to students who may not know about it. There are many different methods that students can choose to help spread the gospel. Students can share stories and testimonies with other students.

At FMU, on the first day through the official day of Engage 24, students who are a part of the event will ask other students to participate by sending pictures of themselves along with a short story via social media that tells about how God has worked in their lives and how He can work in the lives of others.

Though a story is the default method, students can also make videos. A daily evangelism spotlight will be shared through social media on BCM’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The evangelism spotlight includes a chosen student or staff member who will share how the Gospel has worked and how it continues to work in their lives.

Senior nursing major Nisheeka Simmons is leading FMU’s Engage 24 and said she is thrilled about being able to participate in spreading the Gospel with other students.

“My favorite part of being involved in Engage 24 is the different types of conversation that can occur from taking the initiative to share what I believe,” Simmons said. “Not everyone is going to be open to the Gospel, but I’d never know who is if I never talk to anybody about it.”

Simmons said the event is to encourage students to share their faith with others who may not believe in the Gospel.

“I think Engage 24 gives students who have never shared before a bit more courage to do so,” Simmons said. “Everyone else will be sharing, so they feel like less of an outlier. The thing about sharing the gospel is that once you’ve done it once, you become more confident about sharing it. You may still feel awkward about starting the conversation, but you don’t leave the conversation feeling regretful.”

Simmons said Engage 24 helps students feel more comfortable about prayer.

“I lead prayer meetings at BCM on Tuesday, and it’s always surprising how many Christian students are nervous about praying out loud in a group session,” Simmons said. “With the amount of prayer that occurs during Engage 24, students have the opportunity to realize that prayer, though personal and important, is not limited to a cookie cutter format. Everyone prays differently. Just because mine may not be super formal and spoken in the likeness of the KJV (King James Version) Bible doesn’t mean that God listens any differently. He hears and understands us all.”

On the 24th day of Engage 24, Oct. 11, students will spend the day in prayer for 24 hours, focusing intensely on God and being intentional about sharing the Gospel with other students at FMU. There are no requirements to be a part of the final day of Engage 24. All students are welcomed to participate.