SGA hosts elections for officers

The FMU Student Government Association (SGA) held executive board election speeches at 4 p.m. on Feb. 26 in the Lee Nursing Building.

Five candidates gave speeches, hoping to give students and faculty a closer look into their goals and aspirations for running.

SGA members and other students came out to support the candidates and hear what they had to say.

The first person to speak was SGA senator Larryon George, who was running for treasurer.

George told the audience that his mission since becoming a senator has been to serve the students at FMU.

Alexander Bursch, a junior history and political science double major and current SGA treasurer, was also one of the candidates who gave a speech.

Bursch was running for vice president and had one other contender running against him.

Bursch told the audience that his goals would be to push for positive changes and that there is always room for improvement.

“If something is good, make it great,” Bursch said. “If something is great, make it astounding. Francis Marion is great and I want to make it astounding.”

Bursch hopes to further the food pantry initiative started by SGA’s current president, Kendria Mason.

“I strongly believe that no student on campus should have to go without,” Bursch said.

Bursch also told the audience of his plan to strengthen SGA’s presence on campus.

Tymoshio Robinson, SGA vice president, was also among the candidates to give a speech. Robinson was running for SGA president for the coming school year.

Robinson, along with George, ran unopposed.

“SGA’s mission for the 2020-2021 school year is to meet students where they are and provide them with all the resources, necessary means and tools to help launch them into where they would like to go,” Robinson said.

Robinson told students he had been a part of student government organizations since high school and was not new to being a leader.

“Francis Marion has done so much for me these last three years,” Robinson said. “I have dedicated my entire college career to being a resource to the entire student population.”

Delonte Hough, a junior middle-education major and SGA Chaplain, was also a candidate. Hough ran against Bursch for vice president.

Hough told students he wanted to make an impact on the campus and to serve the students.

He shared that his main goal, if he was elected, would be to make sure to maintain an inclusive campus for everyone.

“FMU’s student body is very diverse,” Hough said. “I find it to be one of the best things about our campus.”

Hough was one of the first African-American students at FMU to be a South Carolina Teaching Fellow.

Robinson expressed that the speeches give students and future SGA members the opportunity to see the direction that each candidate plans to take the organization.

“Election speeches are given by the officer candidates to give precedent for the following school term,” Robinson said.

Executive officers voting took place March 2-6 by the Ervin Dinning Hall.

President elect was Robinson; vice president elect was Hough; treasurer elect was George; and secretary elect was Kei’yona Jordan.